School Creative
Why work with us?

We believe

Our experience

We are a small team and have spent the last decade working in the fields of education and design. We have worked with over 400 schools across England.

We are not architects, we are design educationalists. We do not structurally rebuild, we focus on refurbishing built environments, improving them through intelligent design solutions which service the needs of the school.

What it will cost?

Our aim is to help schools spend money on premises and facilities more wisely. We do this by providing a framework to think first and spend later. Ultimately we want to help schools save money by making the right choices, avoiding the installation of poor solutions.

School Creative do not have a set project cost as every project differs. We present our programme and our skills to you before negotiating a project fee. We are developing School Creative on a social enterprise model so that we can invest our fees into developing a programme whch can become sustainable and provide free advice and support.

The facts and figures


We spend 85% of our time inside buildings but how often do we think about improving the spaces we use?

40 Weeks

On average teachers and pupils spend 40 weeks of the year in school, often without reflecting on how the building and its environment could be improved.

50+ Studies

There are now over 50 international academic research studies which identify the positive impact of good built environments on learning.


In 2009-10, schools in England spent £2.1bn on premises, including buildings and grounds maintenance.

400+ Schools

We have worked with over 400 schools across England.